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Mental Health Counseling

It is an honor to accompany my clients on their journey

to developing a deeper understanding of their challenges, strengths and inner wisdom as well as their personal story. I place an emphasis on developing insight, mindfulness, empathy and acceptance for self and others. I value the opportunity to assist them in creating the life they have envisioned while helping to connect with their true authentic selves.

In Person or Video Sessions Available

In addition to Sex Therapy, I have 20 years experience providing Psychotherapy to adolescents, families, individuals and Couples. My experience varies from working with at risk youth and families, to being a statewide trainer and supervisor to facilitating substance abuse groups and designated examiner for the State of Idaho.

Mental Health Counseling Testimonials

Conditions Treated

● Depression
● Anxiety
● Bipolar I & II Disorder
● Domestic Violence/abuse
● Codependency
● Spiritual & Existential Exploration
● Eating Disorders
● Addictions and compulsive behaviors
● Grief/Loss
● Emotional wounds/Programming
● Relationship therapy
● Personal/Spiritual Growth and development
● Stress Management
● Developing self awareness and vulnerability
● Setting and reaching personal goals
● Eradicating Negative and self deprecating self talk and judgments
● Understanding family dynamics and coping with unhealthy familial patterns
● Healing trauma and unraveling “stuck” patterns through the use of E​ MDR (Eye
Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)
● Transition through Divorce
● Single parenting/Co-parenting
● Attention Deficit Disorder
● Boundaries-Identification, communication and follow through
● “People pleasing”
● Attachment style dynamics in relationships
● Coping skills to work with difficult personalities