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Sex Therapy

To be human is to have an undeniable relationship with one’s own sexuality, however entangled that relationship may be.

It is my deeply held belief that all humans deserve to express their perfectly valid and natural sexuality in whatever way is healthy and authentic to them, and further, it is our innate right to explore our sexual nature within the confines of safety, consent, privacy and freedom. Our sexual intimacy needs are no less vital for our well-being than our other basic human drives, such as food, water and air. Indeed, human babies die when denied intimate touch from a caretaker in a heartbreaking process called “failure to thrive.” We, too, fail to thrive when bereft of the intimate touch we really desire.

In Person or Video Sessions Available

Sex therapy is a specialized subtype of psychotherapy focusing on specific concerns related to sexual health, intimacy and sexual dysfunction. Sex therapy utilizes various therapeutic modalities to approach intimacy through the lens of attachment, narrative relational sex therapy, solution-focused, emotion-focused, somatic awareness and trauma informed to uniquely meet the needs of each individual/couple.

Individuals and Couples often wait until their sexual concerns have been present for some time and they have been unable to resolve them on their own. It’s not uncommon for individuals and couples to put their sexual dysfunctions, concerns or challenges on the back burner out of immense fear, shame, guilt and hopelessness and are sometimes unaware of the help that is available to them.

Sex therapists are highly trained and educated in their field and have acquired knowledge necessary to address issues related to sexual dysfunction. The goal of sex therapy is to treat the specific issues related to sexual dysfunction/sexual pain disorders and sexual dissatisfaction while enhancing sexual and emotional connection, embracing deeper levels of sexual intimacy and fulfillment.

Through exploration of each Individual/Couples sexual history, narratives, experiences and goals we work together to create a uniquely tailored set of exercises, educational material and resources, and homework assignments in order to successfully reach our goal. I strongly work towards encouraging couples with realistic expectations to ensure confidence and success in their endeavors, whatever those might be. Sex Therapy is an investment in your individual self worth, investment in your own sexual fulfillment and in the quality of intimate connections as well as mental health and is often a very worthwhile endeavor for those who commit to the process.

Both individual and couples sessions are educational with techniques and tools to help clients develop a more satisfying use of their personal capacities. Please note there is ​never​ any nudity or sexual behavior in session. We send clients home with practical, homework exercises, often supplemented with relevant readings and/or videos.

Sex Therapy Testimonials

What is Sex Therapy?

If you are coming as a couple, the couple becomes the client. The first session is always together as a couple, then the therapist meets with both partners individually. This helps the therapist obtain a full picture of the client’s background and individual perspective on the relationship. For individuals, sex therapy can help heal a sexually distressing past, facilitate sexual function, or explore psychological blocks preventing full expression of emotional and/or sexual intimacy in a relationship. For couples, sex therapy can help heal infidelity, enhance sexual and emotional communication, or explore alternative sexual expressions.

Please remember, Sex Therapy is for ​Everyone.​ At the end of the day, being human means we are sexual beings. As sexual beings, we all carry complex sex histories. These sex histories include lifelong family and societal messages that affect our sexual functioning, body image, and relationships. Sex therapy can help a person explore his/her past sex history and find solutions to enhance the present and future.​No matter where you are in your sexual or personal journey, there is always room for growth through...

● Deeper acceptance of sexual self
● Enhanced body image and acceptance of body parts and functions
● Developing confidence in your sexual expression and ownership of your sexuality is your divine birthright
● Eliminate shame and guilt related to sexuality
● Permission to receive and reclaim the right to experience pleasure
● Identifying sexual needs and wants and developing comfort and the language to communicate them effectively in a relationship setting
● Enriching intimacy and opening to vulnerability
● Willingness and openness to embrace and enrich our capacity for sensuality and vulnerability

Common Issues Addressed in Sex Therapy

Individuals and couples seeking sex therapy may struggle with or wish to explore one or more of the following:

● Affairs & Breaches of Trust
● Anorgasmia & Orgasm Difficulties
● Body Image concerns
● BDSM & Kink
● Cancer & Intimacy
● Communication Issues
● Compulsive Sexual Behavior
● Cross-Dressing
● Delayed Ejaculation
● Desire Discrepancy
● Divorcing Amicably
● Erectile Dysfunction
● Grief in Relationships
● Low or Missing Sex Drive
● Painful Intercourse
● Parenting Issues & age-appropriate conversations about sex
● Pelvic floor pain
● Pleasure Enrichment
● Polyamory & Non-Monogamy
● Premature Ejaculation
● “Sex Addiction” / Out of Control Sexual Behavior (OCSB)
● Unconventional Turn-Ons
● Sexual abuse/Sexual Trauma
● Non-Monogamy/Polyamory
● Relational Agreements/”Opening up”
● Gender Orientation/Dysphoria/Transition
● Sexual Aversion
● Sexual Orientation (LGBTQIA)
● Fetishes
● Performance Anxiety